The Bonobo Story

Bonobo Nuts was grown from the idea of creating the perfect caramelised nuts. It all started at local places around Brisbane, QLD including Eat St Markets and West End Market. To be able to make our caramelised nuts in front of all you guys has been a great joy, which meant you got to taste our creations fresh from the pot. The amount of familiar faces we have seen over the years has meant a great deal to us and that's why we have decided to create a stall that never closes. Now you can get your Bonobo Nuts whenever you please.

West End

Now one of the most common questions I get is 'where did the name, Bonobo Nuts come from?'. The Bonobo Ape's are one of the closest living relatives to humans and are part of the Great Ape family. They have a profound intelligence and not only like cracking nuts with rocks but also like the same activities we enjoy! Hence why we are called Bonobo Nuts and why they are 'Made for Lovin'. 

We believe we have some of the tastiest nuts on the planet and have yet to disappoint. All our nuts are hand crafted with passion so the end result will always be the same, heaven for your taste buds. 


Now we do have a location where you can purchase our nuts at Eat st, in the 'Lane Way'. Just pop into Nawty Nuts on the weekends and you can even try some samples before you buy.

 Eat St, Lane Way   Nawty Nuts

Thanks to everyone who loves our Nuts and we look forward to seeing you!